[News & Updates - May 2019]
Holy! Holy! Holy! +:-)
Here is the final song to cap off my third album 'Delivered'. This last track is titled in honour of my Saviour & King 'Holy! Holy! Holy!' for that is what he is. So have a listen, let's give him praise together and may his Spirit of Joy be abundant even through your trials & tribulations.
Holy Is The Lord God Almighty +:-)

[News & Updates - 2019]
Watch It All Unfold Over Time +:-)
One of my newer tracks to be completed is called 'Time is a Tattletale' It's a beautifully simple track that stands as one of my favourites due to it's ability to smoothly convey a clear revelation of Love & Truth. I hope you Injoy!
Time Shall Reveal All +:-)

[News & Updates - 2019]
Tryna Make It To The Moon? +:-)
This song 'Make It To The Moon' is dedicated to man, who always seems to want and try and run away from his sins and it's consequences, rather than bow and confess them before God and his annointed One and be saved!
Every Knee will Bow And Every Tongue Confess +:-)

[News & Updates - 2019]
The Narrow Path +:-)
Here is my one of my latest tracks called 'Speedracer' I played the unplugged acoustic version to some people and they liked it, so i decided to put it into a composition. Hope you injoy!
Mat 7:14  But the gate to life is very narrow. The road that leads there is so hard to follow that only a few people find it. 
Keep Seeking Till You Know +:-)

[News & Updates - 2019]
Be In, But Not Of The World +:-)
Some of my newer tracks to hit the super highway and be carried by light from me to you are 'With All My Love' A simple track telling of God's Love and his desire to see us up in heaven with him. And 'Weight Of The World' A track about feeling overwhelmed by the world in it's current state of decline and what is eventually going to become of it. Injoy!
From Him To Me To You +:-)

[News & Updates]
Halo People +:-)
Here is my testimony to the World. These three albums stand together with a beginners guide to following 'The Way' in honour of my God, the God of Light and Love and his only begotten Son. Hope this serves you well. Any questions or requests can be forwarded via my email located in the 'Contact Artist' section of my site. Peace!
His Light Slowed Down To Sound 4 U +:-)

If anyone tries to tell you that there is no such thing as absolute truth, ask them if they know that to be absolutely true!
(1+1=2 and G Chords ring true) 
Welcome +:-)
This site is my Labour of Love!
It's been running as 7Fist.com since 2005 and I hope it continues for some time to come.
In this site you will find my music offered to you free, along with a short guide to finding your 'Way To Salvation' and a few other pieces of fruit to munch on.
Although a majority of my songs are currently a mix of Hip-Hop, R'n'B and Electronica. I am hoping to add some other styles to the collection. You can look forward to hearing some quality country rock, unplugged acoustic solo's, Rythym & Blues and a few other hybrid styles to help create a little something for everybody; and to enable me to express my musical creativity. I like to use the Genres to help express a particular feeling. Much like an artist would use different syles of painting, canvas's & paints to obtain different results.
The content of my songs range quite dramatically from Love, to written Prophecy, to Political Issues, to Life in general... I try to allow myself the freedom to just create with an open spirit.
I believe each of my songs are an individual piece of musical art themselves, expressing their own feeling to bring their own unique message to Evoke the listeners spirit, entertain their mind & get them thinking.
All said and done! I hope you enjoy my site and I pray for The Truth to be revealed to you as you seek for truth in all things.
Shane J Varichak - Recording Artist
The Cross! Where Mercy And Justice Meet!
My Life Is An Open Book!
And So Is My Facebook! +:-)
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