Album #4 (Mixed Genres)
  Album Title:
  The Frequencies
  Recording Artist:
  Record Label:
  7Fist Studio's
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      Finally Again
    1. Finally Again  (Smooth Rock)
    2. Meant To Be  (Pop/Rock)
    3. The Frequencies  (Hip-Hop)
    4. Brave New World  (Hip-Hop/Rock)
    5. Little Red Riding Hood (The Scarlet Whore) (Rock)
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Album #3 (Mixed Genres)
  Album Title:
  Recording Artist:
  Record Label:
  7Fist Studio's
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    1. Break Through  (Pop/Reggae)
    2. Delivered   (Rock/Folk)
    3. War   (Pop/Hip-Hop)  (feat: Sascha Smith)
    4. Jumpin Over   (UtiLizinG absTraCt RhytHym)
    5. With All My Love  (R'n'B/Pop)
    6. Weight Of The World   (Pop/Hip-Hop)
    7. Speedracer   (Indie Rock)
    8. Make It To The Moon   (Indie Rock)
    9. Compass  (Smooth Rock)
  10. Time is a Tattletale  (Smooth Rock)
  11. Holy! Holy! Holy!  (Indie Rock)
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Album #1 (Hip-Hop)
  Album Title:
  Fighting 4 Freedom
  Recording Artist:
  Record Label:
  7Fist Studio's
Album #2 (Hip-Hop)
  Album Title:
  My Crown
  Recording Artist:
  Record Label:
  7Fist Studio's
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       Fighting 4 Freedom
   1. Livin Life  
   2. Not In Vain   
   3. Fighting 4 Freedom
   4. StandFirm  
   5. Fruit
   6. Real Peace Of Mind
   7. The Way
   8. When Will We Learn
   9. New World Order
   10. Dangerous Group
   11. Facing Extinction
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       My Crown
   1. If It Wasn't 4 Love
   2. Last Days  
   3. Outsida The Square
   4. Shine On Me 
   5. Centre Of The Moon
   6. I Don't Hate You
   7. Soldier On
   8. Money Burns (PG)
   9. Top Of The Pyramid
   10. My Crown
   11. Thank You
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Fighting 4 Freedom - Lyrics
My Crown - Lyrics
1. Livin Life - Lyrics
A track relating to life in general, expressing a different perception on common issues we all face.
V1) Heariam
upon this mike
Playing the game
Livin Life
doing right
Ready to fight
with no spite
Standing strong
death to wrong
What's going on
I look around
all I see is people in need
Of souls freed
So I plead
Death to Greed
Life to Love
Search for truth
teach the youth
Right from wrong
so they can live in peace
and stand strong
Suicides not an option
even though I've had enough
Life's tough
In Love trust
in order to live
Love is a must
Hey! You!
Sitting with a frown on your face
No disgrace
He came to erase
so forgive and be forgiven
Time to start livin
Make right decisions
Accept the gift
offered by the risen
and start livin
I know it's hard sometimes to be
Livin Life
(It can only be attributable to human error)
Stand up for what you believe and
Begin to fight
Cause your Livin
You Livin Life
V2) Turn up the bass and the treble
Death to the devil
We're about to take this war to a new level
Seven's Fist
comin at ya from all angles
With arrows of light
to help fight
your dark nights
Comin straight for them
with a sword in my hand
What's going on
we fight strong
To the end of our days
forever we give praise
searching through the maze
and guided thru the haze
A light to your feet
if you let Him be
Destruction creeping up
oh so subtly
But He'll be there to the end
Forever friend
Trust in truth
and to yourself be true
Time for a change
though it might seem strange
it's better you be named
in the book of life
So get up on that hill
and start shining your light
Your Livin Life
V3) I understand how you feel
thinking chains of steel
invisible but real
Some how
hold you down
Unable to fight
your sorta right
Dark lord be scheming
like in a star wars episode
I'm about to explode
on I must compose
and kick spiritual wealth
To help free your mind
and help you find
The door to the light
cause darkness has you blind
Veils on your vision
controlling your decisions
Subliminal input
from your television
False prophet
spreading gossip
over the world
Roman empire
world domination desire
Apocalyptic scenes
Mad man dreams
People hurt and crying
can you hear their screams
Lord come and save us
as we continue to play this
Down hear on Earth
Livin Life
1. If It Wasn't 4 Love - Lyrics
A simple testimonial track about growing
up and some of the major factors in the equation of my salvation.
V1) Growin up as a young kid
Livin this life
Playin this game
My spirit was free
Wild, reckless and untamed
My flame
I burned brighter
Then the 1000 lights
Used to control your day
You might say
Well Hey!
I had it easy
Up until the age of 8
Then with no debate
They sought to change my fate
Because they couldn’t relate
They tried to cut me down to size
And I’m telling ya mate
With that snip
That was it
I was ready to spit
A blood curse
on those peoples and powers
Those damn cowards
They had me locked
In a crime I didn’t commit
All that they claimed I did
I was an eight year old kid
And denied the right
To even speak on his own defense
Projected shame
and the pain grew so immense
I had to bury
In order to stay sane
And after that
I was never the same
I wouldn't have made it thru
If it wasn't 4 Love
I wouldn't be standing here
If it wasn't 4 Love
V2) I struggled all the way
Thru my teenage years
Cause I’d lost all respect
For authoritative peers
I saw them only as little kids
Barely older than me
Nobody had the answers
Nobody could set me free
So at the age of 15
I intended to draw my last breath
I called out to Aslan
Cause that’s how I knew him then
Who would have ever thought
That that hose would have come loose
And after 10 minutes
The fumes had diffused
I was confused bemused
Puzzled and perplexed
I found myself asking
Hmm, well whats next
So I packed it all away
Told nobody of that day
And went about my business
The usual way
V3) As time flew by
I knew I
Could not deny
The question why
I was getting sick of being feed
Lie after Lie
Everything seemed so fake
Superficial simulation
T/which I couldn’t relate
I kept looking for more
Behind door after door
Everytime I opened one
Another would then call
Nothing satisfied
I kept being denied
It’s like everywhere I looked
I found nothing that gratified
This black hole
At the center of my soul
I knew
Everything I was  gunna get
Was gunna get old
And that’s just some of the reasons
That kept me searching
While stumbling around in the dark
With demons lurching
I never would have made it thru
If it wasn’t for you
So Lord I got nothing but Love
And I’ma stay true
Keep me close to your heart
This world’s getting dark
And let us shine
So they can find
Their way to the path 
2. Not In Vain - Lyrics
Looking into the future, peering inside the mind of one man going through
end-time tribulation.
V1) Who would have imagined
life to be this way
every single day
Struggling for a crust to eat
barley or flour from wheat
Costs me a days wages
my mind rages
Unexplainable diseases
deadly contagious
I've only got another 40 years on this earth
or maybe alittle more for what it's worth
I'm already cursin the day I was born
nothing but scorn
Love so illusive
kind men turned abusive
The trees and the grass
burned up in the blast
Meteorite showers
continual falling stars
A darkness so thick I can touch it
and I can hardly distinguish
The dawn from the dusk man
V2)  I can't let myself believe
that life's in vain
I'm tryin my best but Please
I need help today
The only hope i have
Is that I'II wake from this dream
Death is looking good
and yet there's something in me
Urging my on
giving me strength to be strong
First time I've really noticed
still I can't put my finger on
This life  This force  This will
to keep living
This want to be alive and exist
to keep being
But's what the use
If I'm living in hell
Can't really tell right now
So I guess I'II just push through all the pain
and keep tellin myself
This is Not in Vain 
Not in Vain
I hope this life is
Not in Vain
Ohhh Lord please
Not in Vain
I pray this life is
Not in Vain
Not in Vain
I hope this life is
Not in Vain
Not in Vain
V3) Now I'm not too sure
but I think I'm going insane
Cause lately
I've been hearing little voices in my brain
Tellin me to give it up
and to go bite the dust
Sucking all the life out of my soul
Like vampires with blood
Tryin to take my life
Dimmin my only light
and if I don't find help
I think they just might
Steal all my hope
Kill all my Love and destroy
Everything that is me
and then employ
My body as a host
while fueling with my ghost
The fiery flames of hell
It's gettin dark now
Better find a place to sleep
cause when it's night they creep
and with demonic men
I'd rather not meet
V4) I've searched all my life
for a place I can call home
Now without a result
I've reached the end of my road
No turning back  Left or right
Only two ways I can go
Up or down
Is all thats left for me to choose Now
Who would have ever thought
that this complicated life would come
to a simple finale
Me  Hardly
But heariam
in this defining moment I stand
With all eyes on me
watching who's gonna win the prize See
Inside of me is a battle
of good and evil
and whoever wins Wins
There ain't no sequel
I stand in awe
at the simplicity of life
and the gift of free will to choose
Wrong or Right
2. Last Days - Lyrics
Repent! The end is nigh!
For every man must die, eventually:-)
V1) Time fly's so quickly
So I have to begin
To express the thoughts I have
And bring out whats within
An urgency I have
Leading me on to completion
I Livin life for the Lord
I have no other reason
Life is meaningless
Without the gift of his Love
Nothing can I do
Without the power of his Love
A hopeless damn fool
Without his grace from above
You may think I’m taking crazy
But be sure we will amaze thee
Upon this microphone
We’ve been given a gift
So heariam you can stand
But I think you better sit
A revelation
Bout to sock you in the face
And hit you in the heart
Like a 12 gauge no disgrace
Up front I now must be
Like I said there’s urgency
Your life is drawing near to it’s end
Your last days are being lived now friend
Your Last Days
Last days Livin 
X (the cross) factor driven
Ressurrection life given 
Time for the risen
Be Blessed
Code Red 
Eternal Player
V2) As the power of the devil
Is increased in these final hours
more and more souls are mislead
and are devoured
By greed and lust
And other evils cloaked in his lies
Cast thar devil into hell
Be sure I do despise
Time has come to wait no more
Angels sound the trumpets
Let trails and tribulation come
And let’s begin more harvests
Let’s fish like we’ve never fished before
And live to show it’s truth we adore
Let humans be crushed
Till they cry out to God
Let every soul confess
That you are Lord
Every knee shall bow in irresistible Love
Or overwhelming fear
But all who call upon the Lord
Believe he will surely hear
For until you die
The test is not yet over
It’s time for you to wake up
Out of ya Coma
3. Fighting 4 Freedom - Lyrics
Freedom to Love!
V1) Fighting for Freedom
heariam in this land down under
Finally figured out how to beat
the urge to loot and plunder
Once a slave I was lost
refusing help and direction
But now thanks to God
that areas received correction
But there's many more things
that are in need of me addressing
Like the the lust in my eyes
from all the honey's i see
Animal instinct takes over
claims control of me
But i ain't no animal
so i'll fight to be my master
Praying for the Lord
to keep me from disaster
Chorus Talk:
I was nothing but a slave
nothing but a slave
nothing but a slave
Nothing but a slave
Chorus Sing:
I turned and saw
the mess that i made
and realized
I was nothing but a slave
V2) Believe me when i say
i was a slave to money
It ain't hard to understand
the problems that i need to solve
When it comes to gold
see the gleam in my eye
Why do i rely
on this physical matter
When all it really seems to do
is make my greed more fatter
Time to wake up
from this crooked and crazy dream
by looking back
on the mess where i've been
V3) Another sin i struggled in
and i couldn't get out
It had taken fully hold of me 
the spirit of doubt
Disbelief in anything
but the natural world
Greatest trick the devil ever pulled
never seen or heard
Had me blinded to the fact
that everything has a source
While continuing in destruction
this evil negative force
Best believe that it's there
evidence all around
I know it's hard to accept
21 years i was bound
Though baptized as a baby
his lies i did believe
Only by the Grace of God
have i now been freed
And as for peace in that
where do i try to begin
Please believe brothers and sisters
I was nothing but a slave to sin
V4) Understand that i battle
every day with sin
it be crouching at my door
doing it's best to get in
But for perfection i must aim
in this spiritual game
Livin in his name
Christ Jesus
none the same
So next time your feeling crushed
by lucifer and his lies
cry out to the one true Living God
and don't despise
Pride is not an option
your gambling with your soul
Jesus's blood can buy back
even if you think it's sold
So now let's be honest hear
and ask yourself friend
Are you living Free
Or are you just another slave to sin
Note: My meaning for sin is imperfection.
(Imperfection by God’s standards)
3. Outside Of The Square - Lyrics
The only thing that keeps you from the Truth,
is the assumption that you already have it!
V1) Time 4 ya to think
outsida the square ya live in
You best believe
and be ready to be forgiven
The signs are now
so you better not be dissing
I hope with all my heart
that your ready to listen
I got nothing to say
but the pure truth
See I’ve been down with him
from my early youth
Livin this Life
No other
More worthy
Act like you heard me
Only Christ is worthy
Justified by faith
Lutheran style grace
Flat on my face
Here in his holy place
Outside of the square
V2) Roll back the heavens like a scroll
Open the ancient doors
Make way for the lord
I told you all before
The time be drawing near
There’s nothing you need to fear
So long as you hold to the truth
If love be your guide U bute
Now keep on going
And search to ya find
Listen to me now
The Lord is kind
And he wants to see you shine
So hold back nothing
Let him flow from your being
Believe and you’ll see him
Consequences to this dream
 Be true to yourself
And to the ones you love
Test every spirit
Who claims to be from above
Though thoughts be many
Take captive everyone
Pay respect
When you stand in the presence of
God’s Son
V3) Left  Right
Back N forward
Up or Down
3 Dimensions
More still being found
In this simulation
Digital world were facing
History in the making
His gift there for the taking
Listen and look
Answers are in his Book
His Word’s Divine
Seek and you shall find
Seek to realign
Intuition master of mind
3rd eye one of a kind
Blind now
It’s time to heal I feel
A new name be given
To seal the Deal
For Real
A new way of living
Once the old’s been given
Over to the fiery flames of hell
I’ma kick back
Once Lucy’s been thrown in Jail
V4) Here comes
the new heaven and earth
free from the old curse
For you have given it birth
Now we’re free to play and
Sing of your Love
Soar in the blue above
Explore countless worlds
All in the name of fun
No more Death
No more Fears
No more Pain
No more Tears
Think of this world without the hate
Can’t relate
Then think of being in control of your fate
Now it’s time to
Ask yourself a simple question
Which one I’ll have ta leave ya guessing
But before I go
I will say this though
I’m looking forward
to getting to go to heaven
4. Stand Firm - Lyrics
Resist the Devil and he shall flee from you!
V1) Not by our might but by his Spirit
is how we win it
Our struggle is not against flesh and blood
But against the rulers
and the authorities powers and principalities
of this dark world
Spiritual forces in the heavenly realms
tryna keep you down
while they attempt to steal your crown
Maken you weaker lust to defeat ya
You better believe me brother
I beseech ya with all my heart
I hope to help ya step out the dark
Counterfeit arrows of light
designed to blind and take your life
You need the Armour of God
to stand up and fight
Let's start with the belt of Truth buckled around your waist
with the righteous breastplate located firmly in place
Gospel of peace needa be placed on your feet
Shield of faith
Can extinguish all the flaming arrows
sent by the evil wraith
Take the helmet of salvation
and the sword of the spirit
Now rise child of light
Your finally ready to fight
Stand Firm
Put on the Armour of God
Stand Firm
Though some days it be hard
Stand Firm
And be ready to fight
Stand Firm
And watch your dark turn to light
V2) God is our refuge and strength
and ever present help in trouble
Therefore we will not fear
though the earth quake and give way
Mountains fall into the sea
We stand tall while all the others flee
Who you be
forget your local mentality
what side do you ride what family do you represent
only two gangs in this world
I come direct
I pledge allegiance
to the kingdom of light
to Love and life
wisdom and strength
For all I give thanks
Praise to the Lord cause when I fall
he picks me up
dusts me off and places my feet on the Rock
He gives me unfailing love non stop so I drop
Rhymes of this caliber
using his sword like Excalibur
Slicing up the opposition
With heaven in my vision
I've got my eyes on the prize
I run
No compromise
Death to the devil and his lies
I do despise
I'll soon be free
citizen of heaven be me
I Stand Firm
V3) The weapons that we fight with are not weapons of the world
Divine power to demolish strongholds in heaven and earth
Smash to pieces then consume the darkness with pure light
Greater things than he shall be done with your life
It was said by himself so heariam on this mic
kickin spiritual wealth
spreading my wings watch me fly
lifted up on high by the Holy Spirit
Kiss death goodbye
there ain't no need to fear
You ask me why
--What can mortal man ever do to me--
Why fear man who can harm only your body
But fear God
Who can kill both body and soul in hell
Think I'm joking
I see you choking
Spiritual eyes
making all that money selling sugarcoated lies
I despise
Can't wait to watch you dogs fry
You’ve chosen your side
though it be suicide
I be
peaceful in nature
But you've aroused the anger of my king
Death to all Sin
4. Shine On Me - Lyrics
Asking the Father of Lights to light my way!
V1) I’d always knew
that it’d come to this
Lookin at the world
Makes me sad
I wish I could fix
Everything back to way it was
It’s like it’s a lost cause
But I ain’t givin up
I better buck up and soldier on
Cause times drawing near to the end
Father please send
Your morning star
Holy spirit come to me
Comfort me
I’m lost without your Love
Lord show them your one with me
Cause nothing else matters
Except your unfailing Love for me
I said my vows
On the first day that we met
Captivated by your Truth
How could I ever forget
You saw the way I felt
I used to sit and sing you songs
Swinging on the swing
Rockin and rolling all day long
Livin Life carefree
So long as you’ll with me
I didn’t give a damn
Bout the boogyman who be
I was a young kid
Wild and reckless
Innocent Love
Lookin back on my life
I see your face up above
 Shine On Me
Please Lord don’t you ever let me go (x2)
V2) I was never one to worry too much
Even now when I pray I say
Father your will be done
It’s true that some days
It’s like I’m lost in a maze
With all this rage in a cage
I feel I could burst into flames
But then I hear a soft voice
Like a gentle summer breeze
It takes the focus off myself
 And the suddenly I’m free
I wish I could explain
In a way you’d understand
It’s like the most refreshing drink
You’ve ever had friend
It’s like finding something valuable
You thought that you lost
It’s like the best damn kiss
From the women/one that you love
In the blink of end eye
Ya feel restored and renewed
Ready to run
Another 40 days and nights
If you choose
There’s nothing better
In this world
And I’m not tellin ya fibs
I’m 12 o’clock on ya watch
Nothing but straight up kid
Livin this life
I’m on a quest
For the truth be my Lord
With my faith as my shield
And his word as my sword
5. Fruit - Lyrics
First Fruits For God!
V1) New age coming through
elevation to a new level
Let your body flow with the bass and beat
we'll take your mind to a place
of tranquility with the treble
Livin life on this microphone
I can fly through the air waves
nothing holdin me down
free from the damned maze
of what we call suburban streets
and buildings of concrete
Blocking my path to the truth
but I labour on
with these rhymes
Toiling for freedom
and turnin to reality
the scenes I've dreamin
While I'm awake I take what I've been given
to advance myself
Is to advance the kingdom
No sense in holding back
or covering up the light
So heariam I fight
with my Seven Fists
yes the Seven Fold Spirit
Cause if you don't fear it
then wisdom you wont be near it
We comeforth
having been sort
and grafted back on
to the benevolant One
Chorus Talk:
It's the Truth
It's fresh fruit
It's fresh fruit
Yes the Truth
It's fresh fruit for your soul
Chorus Sing:
Come eat his fruit
It's better than the finest of gold
His truth is fruit
for ya soul
It's the only thing that'll ever
free your mind let you grow
I've got to let you know
V2) Prepare the new wineskins
for the fruit is ready and ripe
Plump and juicy and sweet
fresh from the vine
Life force flowing from his spirit to mine
Hears your sign
Ready or not its time
to bear fruit
Upon these branches of Truth
bearing in abundance and Quality
they give proof
Everything is derived
traced back to one source
Negative to the devil
and positive to the Lord
Death to fear and hate
Life to Love and Faith
So where if I look to you
will you be traced
lies and deceit
or Truth from he that be
Ready or not
His Truth
from me to thee
Break Verse:
Here we go
Playing this game
Doing everything that we can in his name
You can keep the fame
and anything else that goes with it
Lest I be corrupted with pride and conceit
and became weak
and forced to admit defeat
No Way
Keep me humble meek I pray
I'll see you up in heaven
where my riches be waiting
Until  that day
I'll keep on playing and saying
V3)   Watch out for false prophets
that bring division
Throw away your television
( time to make ) a new decision
just use your ears and listen
Your candle's burning
alittle bit lower everyday
And all that you've worked for
ain't gonna be able to save
Temporal time be ticking
Eternal soul YOU listening
Wages of sin are death
flicking flame from a breath
Then one day it's snuffed out
now what do ya have left
Ready to play for substance
or keep playing on in vain
Don't like what I have to say
then turn and walk away
Notice though
one eighty degrees
you turn from Love
While the true at heart
keep playing on
sights set on above
So all you true at heart
Yes all you
who love the Truth
Seek it until you find
It's Fruit will free your mind
5. Centre Of The Moon - Lyrics
Those who Love their lives too much
will lose them. Trust in God Alone!
V1) You better run ‘n’ hide
Another end-time rhyme
Comin straight for ya minds
Eye/I find a new line
Don’t doubt new route
Were back
Infact On track
Cutting no slack
Ready to Hi-jack
With pure fact
Revelation be the topic
Can’t stop it
Gotta drop it
Cause the future be catastrophic
With all hell breaking loose
Call on God’s Son
Before alls said and done
Or be like the rest of those suckers man
And just
V2) Looks like the great day of wrath
Is nigh
Why deny
Make for way of our Lord
I cry
Don’t try
To even stop it
Or block it
I’m on this rocket
So you best believe
That it’s aim be true
Drop it
Mountains fall into the sea
Who u Be
Who me?
Yeh! What you gunna do
when the moon turns red
A 1/3 of the people dead
The rest have fled
Deep down
Lookin for
Nothin Found
V3) Dig and pray
That the Earth still feels the same way
She did
On the sixth day
When you first came to play
She kept the wolves at bay
And now you say
Hide us from the face
Of Him who sits King
Cause wrath be comin
Death be runin
So summon
The seven seals
So the saints
Can celebrate
It’s time to elevate
The signs just cannot wait
Now is the time for you to delegate
If  I may be so bold
As we were told
Pour out ya Seven Fold Spirit
Cause this world is getting cold
I’m looking forward to fire filling my heart
Holy Spirit light up my life
And expel the dark
Let Love illuminate
No time to wait
Hey mate
It’s time to choose fate
Don’t wait
Too late
Due date
Expires soon mate
Then comes the doomsday
But before the doomsday
I recommend you choose mate
or just
Dig - Into the centre of the Moon
And Build your base brother
Cause the mountains aren't enough
to save ya bros com'on
Dig - Into the centre of the Earth
And build your base brother
Cause if your scared of dying
You might as well keep tryin
6. Real Peace Of Mind - Lyrics
It can be hard to find these days.
Especially without God!
V1) Livin in this world
is sometimes hard to do
When nothing turns out
the way you plan
Life can be hard
cruel and too fast
and other times
just plain boring and bland
What will i do
with the gift of my life
will i live in a selfish mess
My heart wont allow
for me to give up
So Lord i pray for you to let me be blessed
I need more light
to enter my heart
to fill the space
that once was dark
Let there be Love
to help me go on
suicides not an option
i can't make it alone
Lord i'm praying for you
in these messed up times
only you can help me find
Real peace of mind
Time and time again
I've searched for something in my life
Never could i find
Always i stayed unsatisfied
Then you came along
You lifted me up
I'm high
My spirit is set free
and I have real peace of mind
Real peace of mind
V2) I try to fathom deepness
but deepness is hard to find
I try to fathom Love
can't comprehend with my mind
I'm drifting
I'm soaring
I'm crawling
I'm lost
I'm found
Praise the Lord
take up my spiritual sword
Mysteries i wonder
tripping even when i slumber
I try to get this message across to you
but all i seem to wonna do
is stay untrue
Times change
My minds in a mess
I tell you this with open heart
Heariam  I do confess
Hope i'm not confusing you
give it time
and you shall have
Real peace of mind
V3) Darkness and light
fight over my soul
I stand in the middle
the truth must be told
Listen to these words
their not mine their his
I wish i could tell you
all i have learnt
To save you from your grief
and from your future hurt
If only you would listen
I plead with you now
Don't turn yourself off
don't turn away and cower
Stand tall and fight
Like the warrior you are
No turning back now
cause you've come so far
Keep going
don't give
Now's not the time to quit
stop whinging and wining
and just sit
back and relax
cause the Lord is kind
He wants to help you find
Real peace of mind
V4) So relax your mind
and come with me
I'll take you to a place
where real peace can be found
Open up your heart
and let your spirit fly free
Open up your heart
and let your spirit fly free
Now is the time
for you to reach another level
with the helping hand
of a little bass and some treble
I'm hear for you
to help set you free
With the power that be invested hear in me
Peace to your mind
let those bad thoughts disappear
into the bottomless pit
they first reared
Down they go
no good can they do
Let your Love lift you up
into a new
Earthly worries
leave them all behind
I'm hear to help you find
Real peace of mind
6. I Don't Hate You - Lyrics
I hate sin, not the sinner. Although
some have tested me more than others:-)
V1) It's time for the truth
To be told To be free
To let bygones be bygones
Can u see this is me
I am who I am
Up on this microphone
Livin this this life
Playin this game
Forsakin the fame
All in his name
You know exactly what's goin on
God's Son
Non faker
Definitely don't hate ya!
Nothin but love
when it comes to your beautiful soul
I'm a break it down
then comes the chorus
and it's on for young and old!
I hate sin
I want you to know that
I don't hate you
I don't think you understand
I want you to know
I don't hate you
Mid 8
Don't Don't Don't D-don't
don't hate you
Don't Don't Don't D-don't
don't hate you
No I really don't
No we really don't
Don't you know
We Don't Don't D-don't
don't hate you
I Don't Don't D-don't
don't hate you
V2)   Back on this track
Yeh! Baby doll got my back
So now I’m kickin it
for my brothers and sisters
locked in this Rap
Doing the best that they’ve gotta do
You know I’ma stay true
Women if it wasn’t for this
You know I’d be with you
But heariam
Can you understand
Can you comprehend
The Son of Elohim
The beginning and the end
All has been illuminated
I hope I’m not hated
Cause I got nothing but love
For the gifts that you gave us. 
V3) Let he who hasn’t sinned
Cast the first stone
Let anyone who can stand
This is the man’s hand
Pictures in bland sand
A grand plan
The Bam! Bam!
Knocking at the door of your heart
With T/his wisdom and truth
Do you say you hate me
Cause I do this
And say that
Forget it step back
Stop calling the kettle black
In fact
Time for you to see
That your pot needs a scrub
But before you do
I’m hear to tell you
We got nothing but Love  
7. The Way - Lyrics
The way out of this finite universe we
live in!
V1) From the beginning of time
to what's yours and mine
We've been livin under a curse
The fallen kind
We be
Destined to die
with little time to fly
So we selfishly scramble
for instant gratification
Settling for second best
or even less
Toiling for food to eat
Hoping for rest
But there was once a time
when this was all for free
I used to roam around the gardens of earth
until I hoped to be
Just like my dad
and then it all went south
never ever should have put that apple in my mouth
I know now
How wrong I was
I've learnt my lesson cause
with in myself I see
the consequential flaws  
with every problem that I solve
Their comes ten more
Cause any energy I use
I lose
alittle more
Trapped, wrapped like a fly
I'm caught
with in the Entropy law
V2)  Sometimes I sit in the dark
and watch my spirit illuminate
I start to meditate
and begin to contemplate
This different destination and direction in which I'm headed
I try to get myself in connection
with he who said it
But I find it hard
I keep getting distracted
then somehow with persistence
I break thru
the resistance
and I
are given the honour
to enter into his presence
suddenly surrounded by light
Then I remember why
I can't deny
Nor even try to lie
No matter how much I cry
for you I'm willing to die
I'm playing this game till I'm
before you face to face
so pour out on me your grace
I need it to win this race
Lord I'm praying
that your with me
Until it's finished
till all my enemies 
are completely diminished
Yes I look with hope
to that glorious day
when I exit out this world
Show me the Way!
One more truth to reveal
You want the way out
It’s thru God’s Son
V3) Now this life that I be livin
I've been given and driven
To soar to higher heights
Ascending to the light
His truth be the device
The best type of advice
So I take what I've learnt
To minimize being burnt
I keep it fresh in my mind
cause if I don't then I'm blind
I let his truth light up my path
to stop from stumbling far...
Be it for me to tryan make it
on my own without clear
understanding of the reasons and purpose
that bring me here
So I searched to the ends of the earth
Hoping to lift the curse
Looking above and beyond
Guess what I found Son
I found if you seek you find
It's only a matter of time
Nothing can hold you back
When you flow with the rhythm and rhyme
Love is the Rhythm
Love is the Rhyme
Love is the Way
What more can I say
One more truth to reveal
Then I'm done
You want the way out
It's thru God's Son
7. Soldier On - Lyrics
Fight The Good Fight & Soldier On!
V1) Enter the Battleground
Everyday life their both the same
Hi-tech digital simulation
Virtual reality game
Consequences to the rules
Wages of sin brings death
Take a breath
But keep on going
Look out around the corner
Whats next
Best watch your step
Cause some brothers
Ain’t nothing but snakes
In the guise of mortal men
You’ll need his armor to defend
 Now I’m ready to fight
For this crown of life
Soldiering On      
The devils got me in his sights      
But I stand strong
Resist and he flees
Get on my knees and I plead
Lord give me the wisdom & strength
I need to to suceed
Cause the pressures getting harder
And the temp is getting hotter
Keep the faith and persevere
Yeh I know that I gotta
 But sometimes
It’s easier said than done
In this race that I run
It’s like the only comfort I have
Is that the end will soon come
So with heaven in my sights
I hear paradise it’s calling
Me to a better place
But for now gotta keep on soarin
Pushin past the pain barrier
 Man it hurts I’m tellin ya
But it’ll all be worth it in the end
Gotta soldier on friend
V2)  Now I don’t claim to know it all
But I know what I see and hear
Signs be getting bolder
Love be growing colder
In this world destined to die
I try to make my way
Thru this maze of lies
I feel despised
Fear on the rise
No time for compromising
I see whats on the horizon
Famine, inflation and wars
Population control clause
Christ be the King
You best be calling on him
When you look around
And see your town burning begin
To fall upon your knees
Call to him Lord please
Give me the Love and the Truth
I need to be freed
Cause this world is getting crazy
And boredoms starting to faze me
Life is lacking luster
And I just can’t seem to muster
Any energy
To keep my mind motivated
I feel Jaded
It’s hard tobelieve I’ve even made it
Cause I can feel there hot breath
on the back of my neck
Yeh! I can feel their evil presence
And the smell of their stench
Get back
In the name of Christ
I ain’t your prey tonight
You best believe that I’ll fight
Until the day your defeated
I’ll be Fighting 4 Freedom
Mixing and Making songs
Singing and Soldiering On
8. When Will We Learn - Lyrics
Psalm 18:11 The rich man thinks of his wealth as an impregnable fortress
What a dreamer!
V1) We can't live in this world by dollar bills alone
what am I gonna have to do
to get that message home
We're wrecking our earth cause of greed
at  a high pace speed
Leaving destruction in our path
Open your eyes and you'll see
More world wars comin
cause their land's runnin out
What about space colonization
we need unity for that
Cause tradition will die
in the earth's orbital sky
Too much pride
countries killin for their custom's to survive
World domination
in effect right now
But at the feet of my Lord
All you nations will bow
When will you learn
Or otherwise you can accept the alternative
When will we learn
V2) Negative energy spills forth
from a negative source
is the name of that super spiritual force
1/3 of God's angels deceived by his power
Now his after your very own soul to devour
Hunting you down
right now
you are his pray
His prize
you better despise
If your gonna survive
in this messed up world
that continues to thrive
Rebuke is a must try to mock and you'll die
You never make it alone
to strong are his lies
Men aren't our enemies
neither are women
But it's those wicked evil spirits
that dwell around and with in'em
When will we learn
V3) Let the veil be lifted
In Christ's name be gifted
With the Armour of God
your completely protected
So stand and be counted and don't you be ashamed
Reject Jesus Christ and by the devil be maimed
A roarin hungry lion is he on the hunt
Ready to pull out your heart and eat it for lunch
I lie to you not
for in me dwells Christ
Accept Him yourself
and receive eternal life
Honor and respect
are his to give
Or otherwise
You can accept the alternative
Eternal death
V4) Brothers and sisters stand up
now is the time
No longer hesitate to be holy
and you will find
The power of God
is waiting there for you
All you need to do
Is call on Christ
to help you to
Cause holiness is not attained by anything you can do
Wake up
for your own sake
don't be a fake
and the last thing you should wanna be is a judas snake
8. Money Burns - Lyrics
A track about recent and future world events that only cause me to think of the better life that awaits me in heaven.
(explicit lyrics)
V1) Money Burns
The stock markets crash
The rivers turn bitter
Get ready for a backlash
The time is near
For chaos must come
Then the new world order
Will rise up out of the ashes
But where will it fly
With no sun in the sky
No destination to aim for
The world will die
Not on yourselves
Cause your bound to fail
With the cords of death
Placed tightly around your neck
None but the Son Of God
Can set you free
I’m following the only Way
Come with me
I-----I wanna hear you say
That there’s a better life
For you and me-----
Yeh---Yeh e Yeh 
V2) Chain-link fence
Sections off my border
Cameras on every corner
New world order
Fuck those fucking fascists
Follow or forty lashes
Rebels are being caught
And sold for 30 talents
Balance must be maintained
Goats are being blamed
Twin terror be planned
Now your freedoms in their hands
Who can withstand
The master plan of the man
Who sold his soul to the devil
For all the world in his hands
Damned for all eternity
Man you wanna murder me
But I coming straight for your jugular
You mighta heard of me
V3)   Earth’s core heats up
As the sun grows hotter
Pressure on the crust
Volcanoes splutter
The planets align
In unprecedent time
As they begin to show
Prophetic cosmic signs
Sun solar flares
Electromagnetic pulses
People running for cover
As the stars fall constent---
--ly to the ground
such a terrible sound
I shiver to the core
Where can love be found
Marshall law
Does nothing for justice
Nothing to live for
I’m leaving here fuck this
9. New World Order - Lyrics
A musical glimpse at the
evil powers that be, who attempt
to run this world behind the scenes.
V1) New world order
seeks the end by means to slaughter
and subdue
Control your mind
and keep you down
Keep you week
If you don't keep in line
They'd rather see you through
They'd rather keep you blind
It's time to light up the path
get down to the truth
Let's let the cat out the bag
This rhyme is written in blue
No time to waste with words
That are havin little or no worth
Cause only love
has the power to break the curse
V2)  It's time to open up your eyes
so you brothers can see
Your being lulled and seducted
by the triple 6 team
Can you see past the guise
or are you caught in his lies
New world order be the front
You best believe I despise
I'm coming straight for your mind's eye
Nigh, this ain't Sci-Fi
I'll snatch you from death
and bring this message till I die
Nothing but Love
Can bring you back from the dead
and only truth can set you free
and feed your being like bread
V3) What's it gonna take
before you start to realize
How you gonna live
when the Love that you have dies
Who you really are
when your stripped of his damned lies
and that there's nothing left
cause ya wasted your whole life
No time to sit back
This rhyme's a mind jack
Kickin out the devil
So your free to choose
Up all the balls
let's get this game underway
No time to loose
Chalk up the Que
and now I'm ready to play
New World Order
in your Mind
Tryna take your
Life and live it
I don't know why they want kill you
I don't know why they want you dead
I don't know why their tryna
take your life and turn it into nothing
9. Top Of The Pyramid - Lyrics
What! You think they put that picture of the Pyramid on the back of the American one dollar just for fun?
(Partly based on book of Revelation ch 9 - 11)
V1) Time to illuminate the path
   All the way to the top
But-ya-best believe some won’t be happy
With these rhymes that I drop
Non stop thru the air where?
All thru the stratosphere
Right around the world
From the Southern Cross
To the polar bears
From Hades to Heaven
God’s light we be bearing
Like a lamp unto your feet
So you can see where you’re faring
Daring to come against
All the powers that be
Fighting with his Holy Spirit
This world’s principalities
The devil and his lies
Man made idols on high
666 be the team
That be like destined to die
Let’s ride cherubim
Dash the pottery to pieces
Authority been given
By my Lord Christ Jesus
The end has begun
Glory to God’s Son
Let the mountains crumble and crush
Ton after ton
None can withstand
No man and his simple plans
As this valley of the shadow of death
Comes to an end
Has anyone ever asked
Who’s sitting at the top
Who’s sitting at the top
The top
The top
Top Of The Pyramid
Has anyone ever asked
Who’s sitting at the top
Who’s sitting at the top
The top
The top
Top of the New World Order
V2) It’s the blind leading the blind
Time after time
I’m---Standing in disbelief
At man and all his lies
Tryna force me to follow
And not question why
You might take us for fools perhaps
But we’re ready to die
Why we’re sealed by the Holy Spirit
Nothing can even get near us
As we trace around the the globe
Fighting the devil and his demons
We’ll call on Appollyon
When the time to destroy comes
Morning Star I give the key
To the abyss of destruction
Start the induction
No time to be reluctant
There will be no more delay
Says the seventh with his trumpet
Now call on the two who be
And let’s get this underway
Turn the waters into blood
And send every kind of plague
Turn off the rain
And torment the once tormentors
And if they even try to come close
Let fire sentence
Devour, Destroy, Die quick
But it be horrendous
A dark formless mass only left
From wrath descended
10. Dangerous Group - Lyrics

Wake up!
Your being Lulled and Seducted(seduced)
by the 666 team!

10. My Crown - Lyrics
(My Halo)
V1) Every single day
They try to tell me
How to play My life
Their way They say
Democracy is the system
While my freedom they're stealin
I can’t believe upon my head
How many laws they be heapin
I’ve got like one foot on the shore
And one foot in the sea
Reachin out up to God
Screamin out Lord please
Enough is a enough
If it’s fear they want give it
Cause this life that I live
Can no longer be called livin
  I don’t know what their tryna do
What their tryna do to me---
But I’ma run this race my Lover
And my crown receive
And If they come against
Try to come against
Come against me---
Please show them that we are One
I’m asking please *repeat for V2
I don’t care about
The foolish plans of man
Or accumulating fans
I’m here to win it
My Crown
My Crown
And I don’t care about what they say
Or how they play
Cause every single day
You know
I play to win it
My Crown
My Crown
V2) Politicians and
People playing in power
These pugnant pigs full of fear
Running scared in this last hour
Running towards
The cliffs of the bottomless pit
Tryna figure out
Where their gunna get there next hit
A new law they say
Will bring control to the masses
So with that thought in mind
The Architect draws the sketches
A now my life is no more
Then Hypocritical Laws
A mindless robot I’ve become
For their Pride Filled Cause
11. Facing Exticntion - Lyrics
In order for the new to come,
the old must pass away!
V1) Now is the time for us to distinguish the snakes and fakes
we're on a holy mission to make life great
Kickin the rhymes the way it must be done
Livin Life
and havin a whole lotta fun
Peace brothers
and to my sisters too
I Love you all
except for what some of ya do
but Love and Unity
is what'll get us through
and our Love for God
and his for me and you
So let's praise our creator no matter what we go through
cause it's all to teach his children what to do
How to act
so we're not just tryna fool ourselves
and everybody that we Love and like
So heariam
upon this God blessed mic
ready to receive
my God given permission
and to let you know that their
Facing Extinction
Chorus Sing:
Their facing Extinction (x2)
V2) Now believe me when I say
that their facing extinction
this world is comin to an end
much more sooner than your thinking
It's time for you people to open your eyes
and begin to realize
That your going into a coma
and you won't be comin out till this world you know is over
But by then it will be to late
cause your wreckin your life
or just being a snake or fake
and nothing can save us except for Christ
So you better hurry up if you wish for life
in this up and comin new age world
I've written this rhyme
so it can be heard
by people all over this earth
It's been my destiny
long before my birth
and I will not stop till I'm in that hearse
Not even if I get a conviction
cause if I'm put in jail
They'll still be
Facing Extinction
Chorus Talk:
Open your eyes
This ain't no time to compromise
With deceit on the rise
So many souls losing their lives
V3) Life
Get up and run for it
and my fellow humans let's try to be exalted
and exalt the one that we Love
The maker of the heavens and the one who is his Son
Jesus Christ
and I say that not in vain
I Love him
and he gave me all of this through the faith of his exaltedness
There is none better Our Father is the most powerful
I've gotta get this message across before you people fall
any further into the bottomless pit
into the darkness
and into satan's grip
So wisen up
and develop some common sense
It's needed to understand this trip
that you'll be taking
on the straight path to God
With Jesus
our Shepard in the dark
It's time for
some of ya people to be thinkin
I need to repent
because I'm
Facing Extinction
V4)  Too much more
can not be said at this time
To awaken you dead souls
You shall become
To see
That we're not just dumb
But individuals with the same one goal
To go to God
Which is our eternal home
I know it's hard sometimes to be livin life but don't you cry
I'm on your side and it's just a matter of time
So run your race and keep your faith in Christ there’s no disgrace
I'm ready to fight for you friend
The time has come for me to go but first I want to let you know
Seek And You Shall Find
Don't give up:)
11. Thankyou - Lyrics
A track about Praise!
V1) As I wake up in the morning
Curled snug in my bed
Thoughts triggered of a place
Umbilically fed
Warm and safe
Tryna find a reason to face
This world so cold
I shiver and just fold
My blankets and pillows
The fire it billows
Lettin off a gentle heat
It helps warm my feet
Mmm!!! Ahh!!!
Thought frequency acceleration
Now I’m racing
Switching up a gear
Full consciousness is near
The day has already dawned
I can’t help but yawn
I gotta get my ass up
But I feel torn
Between two states of mind
I find it hard to climb
Up and out
No doubt
You’ve felt
The same from time to time
This ain’t just mine
To keep myself sane
I drink cordial flavoured lime:-)
Thank-you my Love
For all you’ve done
And for all your do-ing
V2) I get up and out
And heat the kettle for a cup of tea
Livin this life
Is sometimes hard to be me
But I wouldn’t change it for a second
I rekon
That if it wasn’t for
This picture you painted
I’d be a wreak and
This life would have gone to waste
With haste and faced
Eternity without Love
In hell placed
(Enough, it’s too early for this)
I've got nothing else to do today
But sing your Praise
La la la la la Love Yeh!
© 2005 - 2020 Shane J Varichak. All Rights Reserved.